The journey was embark-on to contribute in national development with an idea that ‘Efficient Static Energy Conversion Power Supply Systems’ are key requirement, not only for industrial/institutional development but also for its citizens too as the ‘Quality of Life’. As a catalyst in the socio-economic development of the country, founders of the company intended to meet the industrial requirement of total quality products related to static energy conversion at a reasonable price.

‘Static Power & Controls’ came in existence  as  partnership venture in year 1986 to meet the requirement of industrial applications of “Static Energy Conversion” and started its operations focusing on value added engineering products and services.

In 1994, Static Power & Controls was converted to ‘Limited Company’ named Statcon Power Controls Limited. The brand name ‘STATCON’ is derived from the word ‘Static Conversion’.

In 2017 Statcon  Power Controls Ltd  was demerged as per NCLT order and it transferred its Solar , Power and defense division and retained the Railway business along with technology for  Solar, Power and defence.

In year 2018 Statcon Power Controls Limited is renamed as Statcon Electronics India Limited. In last decades Statcon Electronics have grown to be the ‘benchmark’ in the field of Design, Manufacturing and Servicing of Power Electronics Equipments by it work excellence & state-of-the-art technology.