Battery Capacity Tester

For some critical application like Aircraft auxiliary supply or on board a large ship or submarine, It becomes necessary to check the performance of a battery bank on a regular basis just to see how well it will cater to a fixed load for the entire duration of its journey including emergency operations. This is usually done by measuring its Ampere Hour Capacity. The Battery Capacity Tester is one such equipment or device useful for measuring the capacity of Lead-Acid or Ni-Cd battery bank of 6V, 12V & 24V up to 500Ah capacity. It also has the facility of checking the capacity of a single 2V cell 200Ah capacity.

  • Rugged construction and portable.
  • Long service life since the unit is fully solid-stat, micro-controller based.
  • Provision of 6V, 12V and 24V battery capacity test and protection against wrong Battery Switch Selection.
  • User friendly, all controls and settings are provided on the front panel. The under voltage setting at which the battery discharging is terminated is done through Key Pad.
  • Temper proof settings such that the unit stops all operation reset if the settings are changed during operation.
  • Provision of a direct Ah reading.
  • Audio alarm for “Battery Low” and “Test Completed”.
  • Retention of capacity reading even after power shut-down.
Electrical Values
Input voltage range 230V AC (180V-270V), 50Hz± 3Hz, 1-Phase
Battery Voltages Test range 6V, 12V, or 24V DC
Discharge Current range 0.1A to 50A settable with potentiometer
Current Regulation Within ± 1%
Current Setting Accuracy Within ± 0.2A
a) Battery Cut Off Settable for 6V, 12V and 24V independently up to second decimal point through keypad
b) Single Cell Cut Off Voltage Settable up to second decimal point
Protection Reversal of Battery under test
Single Cell reversal
Battery deep Discharge
Unit  failure (by using a fuse)
Wrong Battery Selection
Over Temperature
Metering Digital Voltmeter 4½ digits.
Digital Ammeter 4½ digits.
Ampere-Hour (AH) meter (accuracy 2% ± 3 digit)
Stand-by Battery Provision for connection of 12V/180AH stand-by battery externally.
Provision of separate single cell discharger One independent circuit to discharge 2V, 200Ah Lead Acid Battery.
Type of cooling Force cooled with over temperature trip feature.
Installation Indoor in a well ventilated area away from direct heat and sunlight
Type of enclosure Sheet enclosure, table top type.
Dimension Height: 275mm ± 5mm.
Width : 500mm ± 5mm.
Depth : 500mm ± 5mm.
Color shade of enclosure Siemens grey
Weight (without packing) 40 Kg. approx.
Operating temperature 450C max. (However it is advisable to use the unit in well ventilated normal room temperature).
Humidity 90% RH non-condensing.
Altitude Upto 1000M above MSL.