DC Home Lighting System

Electric energy is the lifeline of today’s world. But unfortunately, there are millions of houses in the world that are still unelectrified. Due to its abundance and affordability, solar energy is the new hope for all these people. Statcon Electronics has therefore introduced DC Home Lighting System, a unit which consist of MPPT based charge controller along with crucial item for daily use- 2 DC-operated LED lamps, a tube light, mobile phone charger, fan, battery, Solar Panel and Distribution Board.

  • Microcontroller-based design.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controlled charging High efficiency (algorithm efficiency > 99%, device efficiency > 92%).
  • Inbuilt mobile phone battery charger.
  • Data storage (for upto 3 months) and retrieval via USB (optional).
  • Protection against low voltage, reverse polarity and overcharge.
  • Separate battery current limit and total current limit.
  • Visual status indicator for all system operations- MPPT charging, Load on & cut off, power, PV availability, Battery low & Logging status.
  • Grid charging (optional).
  • Wide PV input range: ≥1.5 x battery Voltage
  • Ability to drive upto 125W load.
  • -5°C to 55°C operating temperature range
  • Altitude upto 1000 M.S.L. operating range (-20°C to 70°C on request)
  • 2 types available to drive 24V and 48V batteries
  • Automatic Float-Boost charging
  • Pre metering and inbuilt data storage (optional)
  • Bluetooth Communication (optional)
  Electrical Values
Rating 12V/24V/48V
Solar input range 17V/33V/70V
Battery bank 12V/24V/48V,40 Ah –lead acid/ VRLA  gel
Battery charge control MPPT integrated
DC output option-Main load Support up to 125W
Emergency load Support up to 10W
Type of DC loads LED lamps, LED tube lights, DC fans and cell phone USB chargers
DC power output ratings 125W max
Status LED indicators Input availability, load availability and battery condition
Protection features

Battery Under voltage and over Voltage,

Short-circuit protection, Input over voltage protection.

Communication We are providing a storage device which will do real time logging of solar / battery power IN and power OUT. There will be provision to store this data for period of 3 months which can be transferred to a computer using Pen drive or we can directly monitored or transferred to mobile phone using application based on Bluetooth.
Ambient operating temperature 0°C to +55°C
Type of installation Indoor with IP20 class protection
Battery backup time Up to 4 hours on a load of 125W
Indicators – When solar power is available to the panel – LED is ON or else LED OFF.
– The battery indicator should blink and indicate the charging under progress through sun light
– The battery indicator should blink and indicate the charging under progress through grid.
– The respective blinking of indicator (as per b& c above) should illuminate continuously ON when battery is fully charged.
– When load in ON an indicator must get switch ON.
– Red indicator should indicate the battery ‘load cut off’ condition.


Electrical Values
Rating 12V/24V48V
Input range 230V ±10% AC,50Hz
Battery charge control SMPS Type
DC power output ratings As per PV rating
Status LED indicators Output availability
Protection features Short-circuit protection, Input over voltage protection.
Ambient operating temperature 0°C to +55°C
Accessories: Qty.
 DC Fan 1 No.
DC Tube light 1 No.
 DC Bulbs 2 No.
DCDB –Extension 1 No.
Bluetooth Comm. Monitored or transferred data to mobile phone through APP (Statcon Powtech)

MNRE Approval