Probation Policy

The Probation Policy of Statcon Electronics India Limited has been drawn up to provide sufficient time to a new joining employee to understand the functioning of the company and for the company to assess the competence of such new employees. It invites the active support of all stakeholders to achieve these objectives.


  • To ensure all recruitments are carried out as per the statutory guidelines and in accordance with the requirements of all relevant statutory provisions as well as approved codes of practices.
  • To ensure all new joining employees are placed probation for a suitable period of time.
  • To ensure that during the probation period new employees are given suitable exposure of work to prove their stated knowledge and experience.
  • To ensure that during the probation period, the person is given enough opportunity to adjust with the Company’s work environment.
  • To extend or reduce the probation period as per requirement and at the discretion of the Company.
  • To ensure that once the probation period is over the new employee is informed of the Company’s decision to either continue or asked to leave.

For & On behalf of the Company

Mr. Manmohan Singh Saini
Whole Time Director & Chairman