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Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)

Statcon Electronics India Ltd Off-Grid series single phase Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) are designed to meet the growing electricity demand of all developing countries. State of art design and intelligent control optimizes the yield of all small to medium level PV power plants.
It consists of MPPT based solar charge controller and bi-directional inverter with transformer on the AC side. It provides uninterrupted power at the load output using solar, battery and grid input is same order of priority. Latest DSP based control ensures excellent performance and protection from any kind of malfunction. The high conversion efficiency helps in longer battery backup. Ease of operation and plug and use type of design makes it the ideal product for all kind of users.

  • Excellent yield from solar through MPPT based charger controller.
  • Rapid charging in minimum time through mains charger.
  • Suited for all battery types.
  • High efficiency at full / half loads.
  • Galvanic isolation on AC side.
  • 3 stage battery charging, current limiting, temp. compensation.
  • Excellent performance upto 55ºC of temperature.
  • Digital display with fault & energy logging.
  • Remote monitoring over internet & RS 485.
  • Available in different capacities & battery voltages.
  • Various modes of operation to suit all types of users.
Nominal Capacity 1KW 1 – 3 KW 4 – 6 KW 10KW
Nominal Battery Voltage ** range 24V 48V 96V 120V
Output Voltage range 230V+1% 230V+1% 230V+1% 230V+1%
Output Frequency range 50Hz+1% 50Hz+1% 50Hz+1% 50Hz+1%
Efficiency > 85% > 85% > 88% > 88%
MPPT Charge Controller Ranges ** 1KW 1 – 3 KW 4 – 6 KW 10KW
MPPT Range 30 – 72Vmp 70 – 72Vmp 120-192Vmp 155-240Vmp
Max. PV Voltage range 90V DC 150V DC 240V DC 300V DC
Input Voltage range 170V – 270V + 10%
Input Frequency range 50 Hz. + 5%
Display Alpha-numeric Display with keypad
LED Indications -Systems On
– Inverter on
– Solar Charging
– Mains Charging
– PV Present
– Fault
Protections – Inverter Under/Over Voltage
– Inverter Over Load
– Inverter Over Temperature
– PV Under / Over Voltage
– Battery Reverse Polarity protection
– Battery Under / Over Voltage
– Mains Under / Over Voltage.
– Short Circuit Protection
– Surge Protection
Display Parameters – inverter Voltage & Current
– Battery Voltage & Current
– Mains Voltage & Current
– PV-V, PV-1, PV-Kwhr, Date & Time
Communications Type RS-232 / RS – 485 / GPRS (Optional)
Operating Temperature 00C to 500C
Enclosure IP-20, Floor standing models available
* Different voltage can also be offered  ** Higher rating MPPT with different inverter rating can also be offered.