Integrated Reproductive Child Health and HIV/AIDS Policy

We, the Statcon Electronics India Limited are committed to uphold the highest level of Employees’ safety, health and environment, corporate and social responsibility with total quality care as an integral part of our management policy. Statcon Electronics India Limited along with its total workforce has the responsibility of protecting the staff’s health and wellbeing in including their families in order to encourage them to function optimally for contributing towards the growth of the enterprise and the nation.
As HIV/AIDS have emerged as a serious issue, particularly affecting the most productive segment of society, we would like to respond to address the issue in a proactive and timely manner to protect the employees engaged in our enterprise. We also intend to involve our business associates and dependent entities in the fight against HIV/AIDS through spreading awareness and advocacy through demonstration of our efforts.
We intend to work towards increasing access to quality Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) services to our women workforce and their Children. We would like to ensure all pregnant women have access to antenatal checkup and deliver their babies in hospitals only. We are committed to address other RCH related issues in the workplace including male responsibility.
We realize that HIV infection is preventable and workplaces like ours which employ a huge workforce had a crucial role to play in the nation’s fight against HIV/AIDS. In order to initiate a concrete action to reverse the trends both in the fields of HIV/AIDS and RCH, and as we are committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS and to the improved access to quality family welfare services we adopt this workplace policy.

Following are the key elements of the Workplace policy;

  • We will incorporate details of RCH and HIV/AIDS issues in training programme.
  • We are committed to protect our workforce engaged in services directly or indirectly from HIV/AIDS & reproductive and child health related problems which are work place issue.
  • We will not discriminate against any employee on the basis of his / her actual or perceived HIV status and respect the dignity and human rights and right to employment of the employees.
  • We will continue to implement a regular HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support education diagnosis and treatment programme for employees, their family members and others through proper education and awareness campaign.
  • We will ensure that the workplace HIV/AIDS programme is gender sensitive and help empower them to protect themselves and seek appropriate treatment.
  • We will respect our employees’ right to confidentiality regarding their HIV status.
  • We will provide/facilitate treatment, including antiretroviral drugs, to the employees and their family members infected with HIV besides (if any) providing counseling and psychological support.
  • We will not insist on HIV/AIDS screening for the purpose of recruitment and exclusion from employment or work process.
  • We will ensure that all the pregnant women attend regular ANC check up with a qualified health care worker in the company premised or outside.
  • We will ensure that all our women employees and spouses of male employees deliver babies only in hospitals to ensure that the post natal care is addressed adequately for the benefit of the mother and their children.
  • We will take appropriate measures for the care of children of women employees at the workplace and to prevent malnourishment among the U/5 children of our employees through health education and organizing health camps.
  • We will encourage hat all the U/5 children of our employees are covered 100% against the vaccine preventable diseases.

To ensure proper implementation of the Integrated RCH & HIV/AIDS Policy we have an active and effective committee.

For & On behalf of the Company

Mr. Manmohan Singh Saini
Whole Time Director & Chairman