Battery Health Monitoring System

Battery Health Monitoring System (BHMS) is used to monitor vital parameters of battery like battery bank voltage, individual cell voltage, cell temperature, ambient temperature, Ah in and Ah out and alert the user if any cell is weak or over charged thus preventive measures can be takes to save individual cells or batteries before it gets damaged.

  • Can be used for SMF VRLA and Low maintenance (conventional) batteries
  • Can monitor up to 192 cells
  • Microcontroller based design for automatic monitoring of cells
  • Continuous measurement and display of battery voltage
  • Sleep mode enabled for reduced power consumption
  • Facility to measure ambient temperature
  • Real time monitoring and data logging during discharge state
  • User friendly key board for voltage setting and data monitoring
  • Audio alarm as well as visual indication in case cell voltage reaches alarming level
  • Remote access to battery data and thus saves time in direct measurement and monitoring
Electrical Values
Monitoring Up to 192 Cells (16 sensing card and each sensing card can monitoring up to 12 cells). Can be configured for 12/24/36/48 cells and soon
Sleep mode enabled (for reduce power consumption)
Parameter setting – Battery type mode configuration.
– Over Voltage
– Under Voltage
– Over Voltage Range setting.
– Under Voltage Range setting
– threshold for cell voltage imbalance in a bank
Monitoring parameter – Individual cell voltage (up to 2nd decimal)
– Battery bank temperature
– Ambient temperature – Accuracy ±2˚C
– Bank Voltage (linear Isolation)
– Over Voltage.
– Under Voltage
– Ah-In (Battery capacity in)
– Ah-Out (Battery discharge)
– Weak/Over cells information.
– Cell voltage imbalance.
Factory/default setting through key pad (Password protected) – Under/Over Voltage ranges
– Calibration multiplier setting
– Temperature range setting
Status & Indication – Error alarm generation potential free contact
– Buzzer inside Master card
– Communication failed indication
– Processing LED indication
User Interface – 4×4 keypad interface for setting/Monitoring
– GUI window application for monitoring cells status
– External Reset button for MCU
– Real time graph of charge/discharge
– Ambient temperature
– RS-232 remote communication protocol
Installation Indoor in a well ventilated environment away from direct sunlight, heat and battery fumes.
Insulation level Withstand 1kV rms for 1sec, except electronic cards.
Ambient temperature Storage : -10°C to 70°C
Operating  : -5°C to 50°C
Humidity 95% at 40°C non-condensing.
Altitude  1000 meter above MSL.