Integrated Power Supply (IPS) for Railways

The SMPS based Integrated Power Supply (IPS) system is meant to give continuous supply to both AC & DC signalling circuits for wayside and medium size signalling installations in RE & Non-RE areas. Of indian rail network
The design, manufacturing and quality assurance process is approved by the RDSO. The complete IPS for Railways and its sub modules are approved by RDSO.

  • Designed as per RDSO specification IRS/SPN/165-2012
  • Wide input ac supply range 150-275 volt
  • High input power factor >.99
  • High power switch mode rectifiers for battery charging
  • Low input current distortion <10%
  • N+1 redundancy of modules for better reliability
  • Remote display and alarm for module fail, and battery condition.
  • Type tested by NABL accredited laboratory for environmental condition, EMI,and .EMCas per ISO9000
  • Performance tested and approved by QA RDSO Lucknow
  • Remote monitoring of parameters through RS232
  • Compact space saving design
  • Separate panels for SMPS, AC and DC circuits
  • Surge protection for input and output circuits
  • All modules rated for 70 degree centigrade
  • Entire system rated for 55 deg centigrade

System consist of following:

SMPS panel.

This cabinet consists of highly efficient ,high power FRBC module, Distribution/ Supervisory control / Alarm (DSA) unit , metering and DC distribution section.

AC Distribution Panel

This cabinet consists of Inverters, Ferro-Resonant Automatic Voltage Regulator ( Transformers , automatic changeover and metering display.

DC Distribution Panel

This cabinet consists of all DC-DC converters and metering display.

Status Monitoring Panel for ASM’s Room

This indicates status of critical alarms of IPS in ASM room.

Battery Bank

Consist of 2volt 55 numbers cell to make 110 volt bank. With 5 spare equally aged cells .

Surge protection:

Class B surge protection Box.


Electrical Values
Input Voltage range 230V AC (150 – 275V AC)
Frequency range 50Hz (48 – 52Hz)
Supply source Grid / DG set
AC out of range protection Automatic <145 >280  volt.
(i) FCBC, Inverter,
ASM panel
>35000 hours
(ii) DC Fan 70000 hours at 400C
MTTR (Faulty Module) <20 minutes
Potential Free Contact – Inverter fail
– FRBC Fail
– DC-DC converter fail
– Mains Fail
-Call S&T
– Battery low
Cabinet dimension (Max) Height – 2000mm
Width – 750mm
Depth – 750mm
Additions 10mm anti-vibration pad + 75mmX5mm bottom channel.
Enclosure Rigid steel profile, self supporting, made of CRCA sheet, min – 1.6mm thickness.
Ingress protection IP-31, ventilation opening <3mm.
Coating Zinc chromatic primer followed by epoxy powder coating.
Colour Shade Rack &doors :- Pebble grey RAL-7032.
Modules of IPS Satin blue
Noise and vibration  Contribution less than 15 DB at  distance of 1meter
Lightning Surge Protection Class Band C at  input and class c at output side
Earthing Earthing and bonding as per RDSO specification.
Installation Indoor
Ambient Temp. 500C Max.
Relative humidity 95% Max.


Electrical Values
Input supply range 230V AC (150V – 275V AC)
Output voltage range LM Batt.          VRLA
Float Mode: 118.25V   123.75
Boost Mode: 133.0V    26. 5
Output current 20A per module
Ripple (without batt.) Less than 300 mV Peak to peak
Psophometric noise (without batt) Less than 10mV
Regulation Less than +/- 1% for 25% to 100% Load.
Efficiency Greater than 90% at nominal input and rated load.
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 10% at 50%-100% of rated load.
Type of charging Automatic Float – Boost.
Type of indications/protections LEDs on front PANEL.
Over Load Protection Provided
Short Circuit protection Provided
DC Over volt Protection Adjustable
Controls & Indications – Volt/Amp push button to select display of output voltage and current.
– Mains on
– Float charging
– Boost charging
– Overload/Short Circuit
– Out under voltage
– Output Fail
– Over voltage
– Over Temperature
– Fan Fail
– Display (DPM)


DC-DC Converter Module – Technical Particulars

Electrical Values
Input Voltage range 98V – 138V DC
Output range As per Railway’s Block Diagram
Efficiency at maximum out put voltage > 50%       : 10VA to 50VA
> 75%    : 50VA to lessthan 150VA
> 80%    : 150VA and above
Regulation ±1% of the set value for load variation of 10%
to 100% rated, input supply 98V-138V DC
Ripple < 50 mV pp,
Psophometric noise < 4mV. For block line and block tele
Current sharing for modules of 5amps and above within 10% for load between 50% to 100%
Over Load protection Provided at 105% of the rated current
Over voltage protection Tracking type set at !0% above set voltage
Controls & Indication. – On/Off switch
– Input on
– Output on
– Output fail
– Output voltage adjustment
– Voltage Monitoring Socket

IPS-SMPS Based Float Cum Boost Charger Panel

Electrical Values
Rating 110V/ 20 amps
Configuration N+1 parallel load sharing,
Technology Switch mode
Status Indication a) Mains available
b) Mains Fail
Battery path Current limit 5% to 15% of the Battery Ah capacity
Alarm Indication  on display – Load voltage High
– Mains out of range
– System over load
– Mains ‘on’/ battery discharging
– Battery / load fuse fail
– Temperature compensation fail
– Battery disconnected from circuit
Battery under volt isolation Provided
Battery reverse polarity Provided
Features – Automatic Float mode
– Auto Boost charge mode
– Current limiting from 50% to 100%
– The float and boost current limit adjustment
– Battery path current adjustment
– AC Current limit settable
Construction Modular

IPS-AC Distribution Panel

Inverter Module – Technical Particulars

Electrical Values
Input Voltage range 110V (98V – 138V) DC
Output Voltage range 230V AC
Output Power Rated as per requirement
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1%
Voltage Regulation <± 2% of 230V AC at 25-100% rated load
Efficiency Greater than 85% at rated load
Waveform distortion Less than 8%
Over Load Protection Provided
Short circuit Protection Provided with auto reset facility.
Controls & Indications – Input MCB
– ON, OFF/Reset switch
– Mains
– Output shows output is available
– Inverter Fail
– On Load
– Fan Fail
– Output overload
– DC under Voltage
– AC Over/ under Voltage
– DC over Voltage
– Voltage Monitoring Socket


Electrical Values
Input Voltage range 230V (160V – 270VAC)
Output Voltage range 230V ± 1% for 25-100% load (230V Input)
Output Capacity As per requirement
Regulation ± 1% for 25% to 100% load change at 230V AC Input
O/P voltage vs Frequency relation ± 3% for ± 1Hz change in frequency
± 6% for ± 2Hz change in frequency
Waveform Distortion Less than 8%`
Efficiency >85% for 1000VA AVR
Controls & Indication – AVR ON/OFF Switch
– Voltage Monitoring Socket


Electrical Values
Input Voltage 230V± 2% AC`
Output condition As per requirement
Efficiency > 90%  atratedload
Regulation ±5% at 230V
Controls & Indications – On /off switch
– Input on
– Output fail
– Output on
– Voltage Monitoring
– Socket


Electrical Values
Indications 50% DOD
60% DOD
70% DOD
Call S&T
Stop Gen Set

Detail for typical configuration of IPS for wayside & medium size PI /EI station upto 4/6/10 lines, LC gate & IBS location in RE & Non-RE are-

SN IPS Configuration Drawing No.
1. Upto  4  line  wayside  station without AFTC in Non RE area SDO/IPS/PI-4L/NRE/001
2. Upto  4  line  wayside  station without AFTC in RE area SDO/IPS/PI-4L/RE 002
3. For  4-6 line wayside station without AFTC in Non RE area SDO/IPS/PI-6L/NRE 003
4. For  4-6 line wayside station without AFTC in RE area SDO/IPS/PI-6L/RE 004
5. For  6-10 lines medium size station   without   AFTC   in
RE/Non  RE  area  (signaling load upto 15KVA)
IPS Internal -SDO/IPS/PI-10L/ 005
IPS External – SDO/IPS/PI-10L/006
6. For interlocked LC gate in RE/ Non RE area. SDO/IPS/LC/007
7. For IBS  location  in  RE/Non RE area. SDO/IPS/IBS/008