Health & Safety Policy

The Health & Safety Policy of Statcon Electronics India Limited has been drawn up to in connection with all areas of its operation, is committed to maintaining an environment that is compatible with the aim of ensuring that the health and safety of all employees and non-employees in the manufacture, maintenance and or delivery of its products and services.

Statcon Electronics India Limited shall always work towards providing a safe and healthy working environment at its operation area, and to take adequate steps to prevent accidents & injury to health arising out of the course of work by minimizing, as far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment.

We, Statcon Electronics India Limited shall:
  • To comply with all relevant and applicable statutory provisions pertaining to Health and Safety.
  • To take all measures to prevent accidents and occupational hazards (if any).
  • To provide necessary information, awareness and training to all employees and contractors to carry out their tasks in a safe and responsive manner.
  • To provide and ensure regular use of personal protective equipment.
  • To conduct periodic checks and risk assessment of the status of health, safety and environment and taking all the remedial measures.

For & On behalf of the Company

Mr. Manmohan Singh Saini
Whole Time Director & Chairman