Battery Chargers are robust, industrial rectifier, battery charging system and DC system. Based on proven technology (with 30 years of experience) to provide reliable dc output and battery charging capabilities for all types of batteries including lead acid, VRLA and NI-CAD batteries. These are available in standard system. Configured or customized system and comply with precise specifications. These industrial system are available in natural cooled as well as forced cooled designs and have quick transient response under line and load variation. These types of battery equipments are used in Power Generation Plants, Electricity sub-stations, Captive Power Plants, Telecom, Generator Starting and other Control and Instrumentation applications.

  • Single phase and three phase input supply with standard variation.
  • No derating upto 55°C.
  • Generic monitoring control and alarm unit.
  • Suitable for various types of lead acid and Ni-Cd batteries.
  • Lead acid (vented and gas combination)
  • NI-CAD (Vented & gas combination)
  • Constant voltage / constant current operation.
  • Can be used without battery where uninterrupted and stable input AC supply is available.
  • Parallel operation possible.
  • Advance battery management (Optional).
Electrical Values
Rated input voltage range 415V±10%, 3 phase, 3-wire/4wire or 240V±10%, single phase  
Rated frequency range 50Hz ±5%
Nominal output voltage range 24V DC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC
Output rating 220kW
Type of batteries Lead Acid-Tubular, Plante, SMF/VRLA Ni-Cd
Voltage setting Float Boost
Lead Acid Tubular 2.2V/Cell 2.4-2.7V/Cell
Plante 2.25V/Cell 2.4-2.75V/Cell
SMF/VRLA 2.25V/Cell 2.3V/Cell
Ni-Cd 1.4-1.42V/Cell 1.55-1.7V/Cell
Rated Current Adjustment 80%-100%
Battery current adjustment 50%-100% of the Max. battery current
Type of rectifier bridge – 6-pulse fully controller SCR Bridge
– 6-Pulse uncontrolled diode bridge
– Single-Phase controlled SCR bridge (upto 10kW o/p rating)
– Single-Phase uncontrolled diode bridge (upto 10kW o/p rating)
Type of voltage regulator – Closed loop feedback controlled in the case of SCR’s. Open loop in case of diodes.
Inherent voltage regulation ±1% for specified input voltage variation output load from 0 to rated (100%).
Power Factor at nominal input supply and rated output. For 3 phase input supply
Upto 1.5kW – 0.75,
from 1.5-5.0kW-0.8,
Above 5.0kW-0.85
For single phase input supply- upto 1.5kW-0.70,
above 1.5kW to 5.0kW-0.75, above 5.0kW-0.8
Efficiency at nominal input supply and rated output Upto 1.5kW  :  65%
1.5-2.5kW   :  70%
2.5-5.0kW       :  80%
Above 5.0kW :  85%
Dielectric strength Upto 2kV AC rms for 1 min between I/P to O/P, I/P to E and O/P to E.
Ripple content at nominal input supply and rated load output 5% rms without battery connected
4mV pshophomatric noise for 48VDC telecom chargers.
Temperature rise Wound component 90°C above ambient
Rectifier cells 60°C above ambient
Protections – Input short-circuit
– Input AC Under/Over Voltage
– Device Surge protection
– Output over load/short circuit
– Output DC Over Voltage
– Output DC Under Voltage
– Single phasing, phase reversal (for three phase input supply)
Indications – Mains ON
Alarms – Charger fail
– DC Over Voltage
– DC Under Voltage
– Fuse Fail
Remote alarm Potential free relay contacts
Metering – Input voltage/current
– Output voltage/current
– Battery voltage/current
Features – Soft-Start
– Temperature Compensation for VRLA batteries
Mechanical Values
Enclosure Sheet metal (CRCA) fabricated
Sheet thickness Minimum 1.5mm, max 2.0mm
Degree of enclosure protection IP-31
Installation Indoor
Mounting Floor mounted- stand alone
Color RAL7032
Climatic values
Storage temperature -5 to 70°C
Operating temperature 10 to 50°C
Altitude (Max.) Upto 1000M  above MSL
Type of cooling Natural Air Cooled
Customization Values
 Input range  ± 20% range over 415VAC nominal or ±10% range
 DC ripple  over 440VAC.
 Rectification <1% peak to peak
 Breakers  12-Pulse
 Cooling In battery/Load path.
 Alarms  Relay card for potential free contact for 4 sets.
Ground fault alarm
Battery disconnected alarm
Extended Audio Alarm.
High ripple alarm.
 Communication  RS232/485 modbus-protocol
 Control  Remote hardwired ON/OFF
 Construction Degree of protection upto IP-52.
Top or side cable entry.
Dual colour shade