Statcon Electronics has a wide range of Online UPS systems that are used in rail networks and metro systems to ensure reliable, stable and continuous power for many different rail applications. Statcon Electronics UPS systems is designed to match all critical load characteristics (single-phase, three-phase) and various Power demand. Statcon Electronics flexible power protection solutions provide customers with optimal, individually tailored solutions for specific operational needs and budgets.

  • Microprocessor based intelligent UPS System
  • Active PFC
  • Highly Efficient, Latest and Intelligent Power Device based Inverter
  • Sustains wide input voltage variations
  • Capable to withstand 100% unbalance load
  • serial communication for real-time data transfer to remote panel
  • Automatic surveillance and detection mechanism provide early warning for pre-empted faults and for planned maintenance
  • Real time protection for short circuits, low voltage, frequency variations and surges
  • Fully Digital Control Logic
  • Easy Monitoring through LCD Display with Fault Logging Capability
  • Interfacing Capability via MODBUS, PROFIBUS, SNMP Communication Protocols
  • Six Pulse, Full Bridge, Phase Controlled IGBT Based Rectifiers / Charger
  • Programmable Automatic Two Stage Charger compatible with NiCd, Plante, Tubular and VRLA Batteries
  • Battery Reverses Polarity Protection
  • Date and Time stamped Event Recording for last 3 months
Parameter Specifications
Rating Upto 120KVA
AC input Voltage (specified) 415V (+) 10% & (-) 10% three phase four wire
Voltage operational 415V (+) 10% & (-) 15% three phase four wire
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Frequency range ± 6%
Input power factor 0.99
Input current THD** < 3%
DC bus voltage Voltage range 396 V (cut off) min to 700 V (boost) max
Maximum DC bus ripple < 1% RMS
Output performance Rated voltage 415 V three phase four wire
Voltage regulation – steady state ± 1%
Rated load power factor 0.9
Load crest factor 3 : 1
Transient response 100% step load ± 5%
Recovery time up to 98% < 1 cycle
Voltage distortion Linear load
Nonlinear load
< 1%
< 3%
Internal oscillator accuracy (free run) 0.1%
Frequency synchronization range ± 6%

110% for 60 minutes

125% for 600 seconds

150% for 60 seconds

Phase angle accuracy with 100% unbalance load < 3 degree
Overall efficiency Up to 92%
Euro efficiency Up to 90%
Ambient conditions Ambient temperature 0 – 55°C
Relative humidity 90% non condensing
Audible noise

<65 db A (60/80 KVA ) , < 72 db A (100 -200 KVA),

<75 db A ( > 200 KVA )

Atmosphere Non corrosive, Dust free, Freely ventilated
Altitude 1000 meters from MSL
Enclosure Protection class IP 20 (Optional IP31, IP41, IP42, IP43)
Construction CRCA steel sheet
Finish (powder coated) RAL 7032 (Other colors optional)
Ventilation Forced air (Internal fans)
Cable entry Bottom (Top optional)
Standards IEC 62040-1,2 & 3
LAN Communication LAN communication is a data logger and the essential hub for UPS system monitoring. It records current measured values, yield data, and events and transmits these to our STATCON ELECTRONICS Portal. 1 No.
STATCON ELECTRONICS Portal System data can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet 1 No.
STATCON ELECTRONICS Talk Pro With just a few clicks you can install STAT Talk  on your PC. Connected to the inverter via Ethernet or RS485, the user-friendly program immediately displays important yield and measured values. 1 No.