Statcon Electronics introduces Social distancing device in collaboration with Champion. The product Design and associated applications are owned by Champion and Statcon is exclusive manufacturing and marketing partner.
The primary technology used to implement Social Distancing is based on a ranging algorithm built on top of Open Social Distancing Protocol (OSDP) over Bluetooth LE. This standard has been developed by us. This considerably improves overall accuracy of ranging compared to RSSI based ranging techniques.

The proximity of a user is split into 3 concentric zones, namely the Alert Zone, Warning Zone and Safe Zone. As shown in the image, the default values of Alert Zone, Warning Zone and Safe Zone are set as 1.5m, 3m and 5m respectively.

Whenever two or more devices are detected in Alert Zone, the Su-Raksha Band will generate an alert in the form of light, audio tone and vibration. A continuous detection for a time period of >1m gets registered as a Violation in the device

1. Alert Zone

2. Warning Zone

3. Safe Zone

  • Lower Battery Consumption
  • Audio Alerts
  • Vibration Alerts
  • Notifications Alerts
  • Ability to tune detection range
  • Ability to individually turn off alerts and notifications
  • Support of 10 international languages for both UI and Audio alerts (English, हिन्दी, 中文, русский, 日本語, Deutsche, Italiana, Española, 한국어 and عربى )
  • Protection tips to help users implement effective Social Distancing
Features SD Lite SD Pro
Sensing Active, BLE ranging Active BLE ranging
Accuracy 95% 95%
Time Scheduling Yes Yes
Audio Alarm Yes Yes
Visual Indication Tri-Color Tri-Color
Vibration Alarm No Yes
Smartphone Sync Yes Yes
Range Tuning Reconfigurable Reconfigurable
Violation Counting No Yes
Contact Tracing No Yes
Battery Type CR2032, Replaceable Li-Ion rechargeable

Su-Raksha App Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise version has added features. The enterprise version is specially designed for corporate entities where Social Distancing is mandated. The app is will be available both for Android and iOS as a paid app.

Corporate Branding

The app can be modified to show the branding of the corporate entity and published separately. This app will be available on the Play Store itself with Corporate branding.


Sensing of Social Distancing, with improved detection based on RSSI filtering. The Zone around a user will be marked as Alert Zone, Warning Zone and Safe Zone. The user will be able to set range of Alert Zone, Pre-alert Zone and Safe Zone.

Violation Counting

It will be possible to count Social Distancing Violations done by a user per day. A violation count would mean that the user spent 1 minute within alert zone

User Groups and Admin

A user would be able to create groups and add app users to the group. The user would in this case be the group admin. A group will give the admin more insight into the implementation of Social Distancing, through the group admin panel on the app.

    • It will be possible to schedule the social distancing of all group members remotely
    • Realtime status of how many users are using the app and have turned sensing turned ON or OFF
    • Violation reports of members
    • Symptom reports of members
    • Contact tracing
    • Alert messages / Broadcasts can be sent to the entire group by the group admin

The process will be as follows

  • The User Creates a Group, Gives it a name
  • The User who creates the Group becomes a default admin of the group
  • The app generates a Group ID, along with a QR code
  • Members can join the group by scanning the QR code with their apps OR
  • The user can share a group joining link to users via WhatsApp etc
  • The daily performance of the entire group will be recorded and will be available to the group admin.


Social Distancing ON/OFF can be scheduled by the user

Symptom Check

The users will be required to answers some simple questions and enter their temperature measurements to check whether they fall in any of the below cases:

  • Asymptomatic (Safe) [Marked Green]
  • Showing Mild Symptoms (of Fever, Cough, Flu etc) [Marked Yellow]
  • Showing Strong Symptoms [Marked Red]

Based on the above, alerts and reports will show colors against each user

Day-Wise Analytics

It will be possible to see day wise performance of Social Distancing in the app.

General Reminders

General reminders for protection from infection, and general Do’s and Dont’s for users.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing by storing information about the Violations. Violations and the UUID of the users committing violation will be stored in a list so that every person’s contact history is available to the admin as well as the user

CE approval