Statcon Electronics India Limited Exhibited in Renewable energy India Expo 2018. Launches Home Lighting system for the saubhagya scheme started by Government of India for the Rural Electrification The major piece of attraction in the exhibition is the solar based sewing machines launched by Statcon Electronics India Ltd.

The other products show cased are as following:

Power Conditioning unit :

‘Off Grid PCU’ consist of ‘MPPT’ based charge controller and bi-directional inverter with a transformer on AC side. It provides uninterrupted power to the load using solar, battery and grid input in same order of priority. In-house developed latest DSP based pure sine wave technology ensures excellent performance, protection from any kind of malfunction and the high conversion efficiency is achieved. The high conversion efficiency helps in longer battery backup. Ease of operation and plug & play type of design make it an ideal product for all uses.

Home Lighting system :

Electric energy is the lifeline of today’s world. But unfortunately, there are millions of houses in the world that are still unelectrified. Due to its abundance and affordability, solar energy is the new hope for all these people. Statcon Electronics India Limited has introduced Home Lighting System, a unit which consists of MPPT based charge controller along with crucial items for daily use – 2 DC-operated LED lamps, a tube light, mobile phone charger, fan, battery, solar panel and distribution board (can be customized as per requirement).

Solar Sewing Machine:

Statcon Electronics India Ltd.takes a initiative to implement the vision of Government of India for the Women empowerment and unemployment. Statcon Powtech introduce a innovative Solution as Solar Based Sewing machine for the Empowerment of the Financially weaker Community of society where they have chance to start their own business and earn money to fulfill their daily needs, with this machine which is totally indigenous and solar powered with no operation cost of electricity.

String Monitoring/Combiner Box :

STATCON POWTECH offers a wide range of String combiners with the IP66 degree of protection with and without monitoring. These are suitable for combing all type of SPV strings. The combiners box with monitoring can easily detect reduced yield or string failure. Protection at string level is available for both +ve and –ve side as per customer requirement. Both external auxiliary powered and self-powered solution is available. These are fitted with output isolator and surge protection and are capable of communicating on MOD BUS 485 communication. Plug and Play nature of these combiner boxes make them the ideal solution for all MW Solar forms.

MPPT Charge Controller:

STATCON POWTECH offers state of Art MPPT Solar Charge controllers of various voltage rating. The latest in-house developed DSP technology enables excellent performance and protection from any type of malfunction. These MPPTs are capable of being parallel to any number and thus generating sufficient output to produce high power for charging any capacity of batteries.